CINAPSE, Justin Harlan, August 12, 2018

In his review of Fantasia's Small Gauge Trauma block, Justin Harlan comments on The Invaders, "This film goes directly for the throat, making a powerful socially cognizant point that is specifically designed for 2018 America... The Invaders is not only well made and powerful, but also necessary. This is essential viewing."

NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS, Devin March, July 31, 2018

Nightmarish Conjurings's contributing writer and GoreLordz Postcast's Co-Host, Devin March, revels in The Invaders, "I recently had the opportunity to check out THE INVADERS by Mateo Márquez and was actually shocked by how much I liked it... THE INVADERS was just as exciting as it was original."

SCREENANARCHY, Michelle "Izzy" Galgana, February 21, 2018

Screenanarchy's editor, Michelle Galgana, interviews writer and director Natasha Kermani about Imitation Girl, of which Galgana says, "It's impeccably made, doesn't overexplain its plot, and is beautifully shot."

BFI SIGHT & SOUND, Anton Bitel, August 15, 2017

London Film Critics Circle member, Anton Bitel, named Imitation Girl as one of his two favorite features of the Fright Fest 2017 edition, and describes the film as "Devoid of violence or threat, the film may in no way qualify as horror (although it is certainly science-fiction) – but as a portrait of female identity, in all its hopes and disappointments, joys and sorrows, Imitation Girl inspires a shudderingly sublime sense of awe that is not ultimately defined by male desires and demands."

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