AND WHAT IF I AM? (short film, 2019)

When Tim is bullied by his classmates, he fails to receive his parents’ support. One morning, Tim, suspended from school and left at home alone, decides to spend the day with his new friend, Josh. Confusion and heartache arise when Tim unexpectedly sees his mother, and Tim realizes that he may have misunderstood Josh’s compassion.

PRODUCERS: Claudia Murdoch, Alastair Murdoch

#VIRAL (tv series, 2019)

A teenage girl investigates the viral suicide video of a popular fashion blogger, triggering confrontations with a global, anonymous cybercult buried deep in the Darknet.

WRITERS: Carlos Melendez, Mateo Garcia Elizondo
DIRECTOR: Carlos Melendez
PRODUCERS: Claudia Murdoch, Alastair Murdoch

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