Cup of Joe Film, Inc. sparks imaginations and provokes debate with courageous, independent filmmaking that examines social issues and tells stories from new and unexpected angles.


Time is the Longest Distance, a short film written and directed by BAFTA scholarship winner and City College graduate Bryan Powers, conveys the importance of familial love and acceptance throughout one's life via the story of three generations of men: thirty-something Adam, his aging father Jack, and Xander, a teenage boy who crosses their path. After a long absence, Adam arrives at his father's nursing home to share news with him of a major change in Adam's life - hoping to bridge the distance between them before Jack's Alzheimer's becomes too advanced. While things don't go as planned, Adam is presented with an opportunity to find the acceptance he seeks in an unexpected way.

CACAYA (2017)
In Cacaya, Peter Azen's first feature-length film, a young Brazilian woman in New York City ends her tumultuous relationship with an American man, and then discovers she is carrying his child. The couple’s struggle to interact during the pregnancy and to deal with the situation increases the tension between them. Concerned with the themes of misconception and misinterpretation, CACAYA is based on true events, fused with Heinrich von Kleist’s 1808 play Penthesilea and myths from indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. Cacaya has been selected for Fiscal Sponsorship by the IFP, allowing for tax-deductible donations toward post-production, distribution and marketing.

Imitation Girl is a science-fiction film by Brooklyn-based Illium Pictures' co-founder Natasha Kermani. The film is the lyrical telling of a mysterious young woman that materializes in the southwestern desert, where each step teaches her about her new world and her new body. As she assumes her new life, she discovers she has a twin with whom she shares more than just an outward appearance. Imitation Girl offers a unique take on the science-fiction genre, pushing against stereotypes, and not relying on heavy special effects or distant worlds, but instead focusing on characters and relationships.


Unimaginable horror from out of this world besieges a marine platoon after orders from the Captain sends them to cover the deadly Cemetery Hill. Written by Cornelius Broderick, Cemetery Hill placed within the top twenty percent in the Screencraft Horror Film Script competition.


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